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Learn about 7th Generation Power, our Management Team, employees, and consultants.



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7th Generation Power Limited Partnership is a Competitive Electricity Retailer and a social enterprise company in the Province of Alberta.  The Company buys wholesale power from power generators and sells it retail to commercial and industrial power consumers.


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Albert is a Métis born and raised in Northern Alberta, where he started a career in the oil well drilling industry in 1969.  Albert currently resides in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  Over the past 35 years Albert has managed and operated the following businesses and operations: two Drilling Rigs, Tire Recycling Company (which was capable of recycling the world’s largest tires), Oilfield Consulting firm with up to 30 consultants, Pine Shake Operation with up to 150 employees and most recently a Landfill and Recycling facility.  Some of his achievements in this industry were: training Iranian Nationals to operate and be the first fully Iranian employed drilling rig in Iran, assisted the Barbados National Oil Company to purchase all oil wells in their country from Mobil Oil and trained their nationals to manage and develop their own oil (this was a $24,000,000 project and took 2 years to complete), assisted in forming and set up the Canadian Native Oil Corporation consisting of 40 Bands from Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C. and N.W.T.. Albert has been a Director of various privately-owned companies, as well as past Director of Business Assistance for Native Alberta Company’s (BANAC), Director of Alberta’s Aboriginal Business and Professional Association and Economic Development Officer of the Parkland County Local # 71. He is an active member of the Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste Reduction Advisory Committee sponsored by Alberta’s “Action on Waste.”

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With close to four decades experience working with First Nations, government and industry, Mr. Ross has been involved in leading Northern Canada’s resource projects since his early 20’s. A four term Chief of the Teetl’it Gwich’in Nation, Mr. Ross played a key role in creating economic opportunities at the Mackenzie Valley pipeline and the early development of hydrocarbon resources at the Mackenzie Delta and Beaufort Offshore.  Mr. Ross was a founding director of the Denendeh Investment Corporation, Shehtah Drilling Ltd., and the Gwich’in Development Corporation. In the early 1990s Mr. Ross was a key negotiator for the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, which was signed with the Government of Canada in 1992. This modern treaty granted the Gwich’in ownership of over 22,000 square kilometers in the Northwest Territories, and 1,500 square kilometers in the Yukon. This deal also provided significant local government and co-management rights and cash compensation.   Mr. Ross studied World Petroleum Economics Studies at Yale University and Business Management at the University of Lethbridge, and recently, completed two terms, as a board member, on the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board of Canada.  He continues to work with aboriginal business throughout Canada and Alaska, and is involved with a number of developing technology companies in the renewable energy sector.  Home is still north of the Arctic Circle at Teetl’it Zheh, where James and his wife Mary enjoy grandchildren now.

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Mike is the Chief Financial Officer at 7th Generation Power.  Prior to joining the company, Mike focussed on structuring and capital raising for private companies in Western Canada including the Skyscape group of companies, a vertically integrated land developer operating in Southern Alberta.  Mike was the VP Finance on two of these large land development projects.  As a partner with Insight EMRA, Mike conducted in-depth independent due diligence on Exempt Market Issuers on behalf of Exempt Market Dealers.  His breadth of experience allowed him to quickly and efficiently analyze the risks of an investment product through site visits, management team interviews, market analysis and comprehensive financial modelling.   He is very active in the Exempt Market community and was recently the Chairman of the National Exempt Market Association Due Diligence Committee.  Mike is a Certified Private Equity Professional and was the founder of an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta.  His previous background as an entrepreneur in the technology sector allows him to analyze and model businesses using a systems engineering approach rather than traditional subjective approaches.  This led him to the alternative investing arena where he worked with various firms on strategic planning, business modelling and raising capital in the Exempt Market.  He has also spent time in foreign countries, structuring private equity offerings for projects in the Caribbean and Central America.