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7th Generation Power – how it works

Our vision is that with initiatives that support Indigenous families to secure sustainable and affordable housing, the cycle of poverty can be broken enabling families to have a better future and hope for generations to follow.

The Power Model


The company purchases power from Alberta’s power producers at wholesale rates and sells it to their customers at retail rates.  7th Generation Power’s remaining profits are then distributed to the shareholders which include the three First Nation bands. 7th Generation Power retails electricity to our clients. The rate provided to our clients will be the same rate they currently pay with their regulated rate provider or current competitive retailer. 7th Generation Power donates a large portion of its profits to non-for-profits and charities that have initiatives to build affordable homes on First Nations. 7th Generation Power also gives direct benefits to participating First Nation communities by providing capacity building initiatives.

  • By paying your power bill, your company will be providing direct benefit to First Nations, in doing so, will assist in meeting your commitments under Impact benefit agreements and procurement policies.
  • 7th Generation Power is aboriginally owned and operated.
  • 7th Generation Power has an Alberta based customer service, and dedicated Industry Representatives.
  • 7th Generation Power can customize annual and monthly usage and cost reports to accompany your invoice.
  • 7th Generation Power does not add any additional line items on the invoice to subsidize our philanthropic giving.

The decisions we make today shall result in a sustainable world 7 generations into the future

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