First Nation Participants

Giving Back To First Nations Communities


7th Generation Power is committed to giving back to the First Nations communities in Alberta. The priority is to provide dependable low-cost/no-cost power to participating First Nations communities as well as funding for community housing initiatives.

As a First Nations participant, your community will directly benefit financially and socially from working with 7th Generation Power.  From the provision of low-cost/no-cost power to support for housing and social programs, our majority aboriginal owned company is here to serve.

As a majority owned aboriginal company in Alberta, 7th Generation Power directly supports First Nations communities.  As a large industrial consumer of electricity in Alberta, it is likely that you have an Impact Benefit Agreement with the First Nations or an obligation to support First Nations with your project either through financial offsets, employment of indigenous workers, or through the provision of infrastructure to support the First Nations communities in the project area.  By purchasing electricity from 7th Generation Power, you directly benefit First Nations communities and can meet your obligations and IBA commitments.

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