Government Customers

Government Customers
Government has a mandate to work with First Nations
Throughout all levels of the Provincial and Federal Government, there is a mandate to work with First Nations.  Working with 7th Generation Power will directly benefit the First Nations in Alberta while meeting policy objectives.
Our vision is that with initiatives that support Indigenous families to secure sustainable and affordable housing, the cycle of poverty can be broken enabling families to have a better future and hope for generations to follow. We are proud to be partnered with three First Nation Bands, one from each area of Treaty 6, 7, and 8. Together, we are united on our journey to directly benefit our First Nation communities through no cost power and sustainable housing initiatives. By working with 7th Generation Power, government customers can meet their mandates to provide benefits to First Nation communities.

Indigenous communities are shaping climate leadership programs with the government of Alberta.  There are 48 First Nations and eight Metis Settlements in Alberta. As part of the government’s Climate Leadership Plan, seven new programs are being launched to help these communities invest in local renewable projects, energy-efficiency audits and training for jobs in a low-carbon economy.  7th Generation Power can work with our customers to meet energy efficiency targets and use local renewable energy sources.

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